Monday, October 13, 2014

Road trip to Buller Gardens....................

 We made it! Sue and I talked about going to her friends garden all summer.
 It was worth the wait... Linda has 7 gardens plus!! Most of them were all cleaned up for the season even tho, very impressive.
 It takes a few tools:)
 I bought a couple of watermelon they are yellow inside but taste like the red ones. Very good!!
 colored corn

 red onions
 My fave squash:)
 The little striped ones are baby doll and I will be eating one in a couple of hours for the first time.....Can't wait.
 I forgot the name of the orange ones, but brought some of them home too.
 mini corn
 Gourds of all shapes and sizes.

 Asparagus gone to seed more for next spring!
 This garden had cabbage,  herbs, ground cherries, dill and more. Oh yes and all the rage now kale.
 Potatoes please...2 boxes came home with me.


We had a fun visit with Linda and are enjoying the fruits of her labor:) See you next year.......JMF


cucki said...

Wow ..sweet hugs x

Ranch Wife said...

Now THAT'S some serious gardening! Aren't those yellow watermelon's amazing? Is that the first one you've ever had? They're a favorite here every year.