Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Moving the last of the cows home...............

 Fri we moved the last of the cows home. They were 20 some miles from home. Suzie and Jared head out.
 Poor Tooties  she is left behind:(
 The cows were on some cover crop which is a radish and small grain mix. They loved it and came home fat and happy!!
 They didn't give  the guys much trouble and in less than 15 minutes were in the corral.

 Suzie  doing her job.
 Now get them loaded and on the road. We had 3 pickups with trailers. Instead of cooking for the crew I was part of the crew this time. I had a good little kid riding shotgun with me so it wasn't bad at all!! Thanks Lucas:)
I finished this yesterday will share it when I get it quilted and finished.......JMF

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Sara said...

A good cattle dog is worth their weight in gold. We had a wonderful border collie when we were on the farm and she was so smart when moving cattle or sheep. And we had a LOT of sheep (about 750 ewes). She was all business and no play. But very gentle and sweet.