Monday, August 29, 2016

Dogs real and not so real...............

 I thought I said I have made enough pillows but I lied!! These two along with the pink pocket pillow will be on a silent auction for the Children's care corner.
 They are fun to make and a way to use up these pillow panels I have had for years.
 My cute mug rug was a birthday gift and it's right by my sewing machine. Thanks Paula:)
 These 3 pillows go to Britton for a silent auction for their day care center.

 These made up really cute I thought:)
Realistic looking labs I think.
 Not as real as these cuties. These pups are at our place and are so fun to play with they are just little butterballs!
2 are playful and the other  2 are so laid back they hardly move when I go to water and feed them.


Sara said...

Lots of cute pillows! But definitely not as cute as those puppies.

Judy said...

You make the nicest pillows. Just love those outdoor fabrics. Thos puppies are cute but grow up. Great pillows!!

Ranch Wife said...

Those are great pillows and those puppies could NOT be any cuter! Have you named them?