Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fall work..

 The fall cows are calving now so I took my camera the other night when we checked for new babies.
 The grandsons still have their ponies even tho they are too big to ride them. They don't want to part with them.
 These two aren't sure of what to make of Greg he was making noise so they would perk up their ears, but she looks scared to me:)

 Good crop of sunflowers in the alleyway.
 My newest succulent it has grown alot for the first season.
 I love all the different hen and chicks.

 This cat has been around for years it's still not a tame one which is fine with me. If I have table scraps I put them out otherwise he hunts mice, which is a good because I don't, I'm scared of them:)
 The guys got all the bulls pulled from pasture and brought home. Calves have their first shots so next time they will be weaned and brought home.

Silage is cut, still some hay to haul but all in all plenty of feed for the winter:) As Martha would say "It's a good thing".............JMF


Judy said...

It's fascinating how you get them to look at the camera. I love the calves little faces. Such sweet animals😃 Thank you.

Sara said...

Love your photos as usual. It always feels good when the preps for winter are done.