Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Everything cowboy............

 I finally got my cowboy quilt done!! It started out as a charm pack and then I just kept adding and adding!
 My neighbor Kay quilted it with a western pattern and I love it:)

 I backed it  and bound it with red.
 Enough boots for everyone!
 It's lambing time for John the first one to lamb has  a nice set of twins.
I made these 2 cowboys for the gal that cleans our teeth. They have 2 boys now she's married to......... a rancher so I thought the boys should have cowboys. I told her dad the dentist they are not dolls they are cowboys..............................JMF


Sara said...

Your cowboy quilt is a winner! Such fun fabrics in there and the addition of the red back is idea. Good job!

Ranch Wife said...

LOL on the not dolls. Those are cute! And your quilt turned out great! I don't think I've seen that charm pack. Telling myself I don't need it because my western fabric overfloweth. :)
Pretty hard to resist that sweet baby! How many ewe's does he have?

Connie said...

Oh it is fun to see a quilt done with fabric that I have. Every quilter has their own ideas and ways to put things together. I used half of my layer cake cowboy fabric on a cowgirl quilt last winter, but want to make another with the remaining squares. I just found your blog and I love, love, love it. I am your newest follower and I hope that you will visit and maybe even follow me back. The Dignity Statue in the post below is amazing, I imagine that in real life it might just take your breath away.
Well, I am delighted to have found you and hope that we will become great blogging friends.
Connie :)

Jim and Judy said...

Your quilts are so nice. I bet you work as hard as Ranch Wife does. I follow her also. I couldn't do it. I'm too weak. Thank you for such a great blog!!