Tuesday, April 25, 2017

J is for Julie:)

 My granddaughter Ellie made the jar with the J for me the last time we were up there. It fits right in the rest of them:)
 I finally filled the dump truck again.
 I just finished this purse and it went to it's new owner Sat.

 Moving pairs to the just pairs part of the pasture. The moms are pretty good at following along even 2 at a time.
 Get out and lets get away from here:)


lucy cotterill said...

Some lovely photos! :) #TwinklyTuesday

Ranch Wife said...

What a pretty jar - You have a very thoughtful granddaughter!

I'm betting the recipient of that purse is just tickled pink with it -very cool!

Around here, that little dump truck would be empty all the time because the wind would blow all the corn out!

cucki said...

Beautiful post
I am so happy to see your post
Love and smiles x