Monday, January 29, 2018

Mountain lions , sheep, rabbits and squirrels oh my!!

I made this quilt in 2003 and Kay just quilted it for me!
 John's sheep have started lambing some of them are at our place,
 I checked them Sat when John was at his wrestling match but no action until he got home.
 Cute speckled lamb was born Sunday.
 This morning I witness a fight in the back yard.
 This rabbit was hoping that the squirrel wouldn't catch him eating corn......
 A little late with the shot of the squirrel defending his corn.
 He kept trying.
 Maybe if I stay behind him I'll be safe:)

I have a couple of pillow to show too but not sure if they are with the new owners yet!.....JMF


Sara said...

The mountain lion quilt is really striking! Wow!

I loved lambing time when we lived on the farm. Those little lambs were so cute! Although with 700+ ewes, the cuteness was sometimes a bit overwhelming.

Ranch Wife said...

LOL...great shots of the corn battle! You'll be busy with lots of babies before long! They are so cute and fun to watch. Love your quilt...we're not in lion country anymore, but we used to be.