Monday, February 12, 2018

This post is for Carrie...........

 SURPRISE I finished your book!! I decided it was going to be the first book I read this year.
 All 897 pages! Carrie was right it was a good book. I gave it to Kathy she had heard about it and wanted to read it. She'll have it done in days instead of years. I think Carrie was in college when she read it in the 90s:) I have had it a long time and looked at it in the bookcase and said to myself you should read this book year after year.  Finally I did it:)
 First time I've seen the cat sitting up there. It's been a cold winter I don't know how they stay alive!
 We went to Rapid City to the stock show just a quick trip but had fun with friends. A good rodeo and fun time playing cards. This is the only picture I took. It's Bear Butte.
A scrap project I've been working on so far 125 book marks.....................JMF

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