Sunday, February 20, 2011

Squirrel, Williams and Ree, Beer Cheese soup!!

Poor little squirrel had to dig in the snow to find the popcorn I left for him. I was surprised to see him today.
Yesterday I got out my old vcr tape of Williams and Ree when they were on PBS. Sue is going to get a copy made on a DVD. I watched while I sewed forgot how funny they are.
Williams reading his Joe Foss book as they drive across SD.
Their stop in Plankinton for Hostess cream filled cupcakes!! and to sing the song 'He died with his dingdong in his hand!!!!!!" Needless to say I was in the basement laughing by myself.
Found a recipe on for beer cheese soup. It called for bisquick to thicken it. Very very good...
So now I think its time to sit on the couch and watch a John Wayne western. I know you all feel like " She has the most exciting life of anyone I know"!!!!!!!!!!
Thankful Greg made it back in from chores.......JMF

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day!!!