Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rapid City trip

I made a case for my kindle. I used a iron on pellon  of some sort that made the fabric nice and stiff. It turned out pretty good.
We got back today from Rapid City and the stock show. We went to the show True Grit and a couple of the rodeos. Then one day we took a road trip.

A road trip to Pringle, we saw the eye on keloland about a bar in Pringle. The owners are brothers and they are working to fix the bar up, one of them does the carving in the logs. Kind of neat lots of detail and they are so small. There are 2 bars side by side we ate in one then when the carving one opened at 2 we had a drink there. Didn't think we should just take their time and not buy anything. So we had Kahlua  and coffee.
Next stop on the trip was the Mammoth site at Hot Springs I had never been there. It was really interesting. Hard to imagine a 20 thousand pound animal walking around SD.

This is in Hill city very cool the guy had a Buffalo head made out of iron junk at the stock show. His name is John Lopez quite a talent.
We had supper at Rockerville, good soup. It was a fun day with fun company, Gary and Paula, good tour guide too. Gary had a bottle of water in each of our doors when we left in the morning!! He didn't even make us be quite in the backseat,  let us stop at a quilt shop, gift shop, and another little shop. Can't beat that....
it's good to get away for a few days........JMF

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