Thursday, February 24, 2011

Books Books Books

I was looking at a blog last night I think it was called  A Picture a Day and this lady has done it for 4 years!!! I don't think my life is that interesting but, I can take some pictures every few days! So here are my first ones messy (just keepin it real besides read or clean not a hard choice) but I love books I think I always have and I love to read. I love just going in the office and just looking at my books! I know kindof nutty.
I have a small collection of Buffalo books, this is just a few of them. I have even read most of them!
I know you are wondering why didn't she pick up those papers???? There's always papers there it seems like. I get them put away, then they magically appear again so the cycle goes on and on.

This is the grandkid's basket of books they have more down the basement. I love kids books too.
books are the best...........JMF

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