Friday, February 18, 2011

propane tank contest

I took this picture Feb 17th (Ellen's Birthday!!) I can't believe how fast it is melting. I think there will be a hitch in the melting progress tho. Snow for the weekend. Then you will have to adjust your guess..
Yesterday was a fun day, Sue came up and we sewed kneeling pads for the Shooting Sports kids in Madison (her grandson).
They are more like little pillows with a handle on one end.
with a zipper on one side. I think the idea is they will kneel on them when they shoot, and it will be a little easier on their knees. Hope they pass inspection. They should keep in mind free labor is hard to find!!! Really we should pay them we had a good visit and I don't need much of an excuse to spend an afternoon in the basement sewing!!! So we all came out ahead. Plus Sue brought a yummy cake by the way it's gone so please send a refill!!!!!!!!!!! Good food week, cookies in the mail from Paula and cake delivered by Sue!!!!
Eat beef and sweets   JMF

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