Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dakota Fest, pillows and apron

If you look really hard you can see the speaker up on the stage!! Her name is Becky Eggebrecht from the Brookings area. Is she ever FUNNY on my we laughed and laughed. If you ever get a chance to see her do it. Myself, Carla, Paula, Mary, Jean met in Mitchell that day for the Dakotafest Brunch (even tho they served chicken and maybe squash we  weren't sure what it was I ate it all tho!) Afterwards alittle shopping and then to Cafe Teresa for more goodies.... mocha goodness it should be called!! A little more shopping and home again. What a fun filled day with my sister and friends. Our table had 3 chairs that we could have filled with more friends instead of the strangers that were sitting in them. And I might add not laughing as much as us one looked downright grumpy. So next year we should add a Sue and a Jane and ? ok?
I've been sewing just not showing!! I couldn't show this til after I gave it to Paula and Gary. There son took the picture  ( I kindof borrowed it off the internet) and I love  it. I can't wait to make another pillow with it for myself!
Nancy gave me this towel, and I added the yellow ties to hold it on the oven handle so no more towel on the floor. Yep found the idea on a blog.
This is my apron it is the same one as above with one little change instead of green in the neckline I put red. Doesn't that look better?
More later about the Josh Turner concert I don't know how many times we heard I LOVE YOU JOSH!!!!!!!!!! I controlled myself, but he is a cutie!!!
I'll be back..........JMF


Dirt Road Quilter said...

That bison pillow is gorgeous! I adore those cute aprons too and what clever way to attach the towels to the oven door! Another Josh Turner fan here too...his voice just makes me swoon.

Amber @ Quilted Euphoria said...

thanks for coming to link up at this week's weekend wow me party. Hope to see you next weekend!

The LadyBugs Garden said...

I love aprons...