Monday, August 15, 2011

Our trip to Platte......

I think this picture is worth 20 cans of spray print!!! I'm just sayin I'm lovin the green chairs Paula!!
 Feldhaus buffalo skull. I'm going to have to try and paint on one someday.
 Love the bike.
 Good Birthday present Gary!!
 This makes me wish mine would bloom maybe next year.
Greg needs to get to work on one of these.
 What a nice yard and flowers. Next year if you come to my house I'm afraid the yard tour  will be short and not near as sweet!! Unless you like weeds!!
The river tour.
 Almost to the river.
 Oh I want a sailboat and a camper!!!!!!!!
 The 1 mile long Platte/Winner Bridge!
 The busdriver forgot to wash the windshield no tip for her!!
Yes you made the blog, Paula and Mary ridin shotgun!!! giddy up cowgirls
No pictures of the delish supper you'll just have to take my word for it.
I could use a piece of that dessert about now!!!!!!!!
fun and laughter............JMF

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