Sunday, August 28, 2011

Road trip, Apron, & Pumpkins

A week or 2 ago I went on a road trip with Greg to look at a truck. I know just what you are thinking girlfriends....exciting...not so much!!! It wasn't to bad just along day in the car and the only thing I saw at the truck place was that painted quilt on the shed wall!!! I fact there was another smaller one that I didn't get a picture of. I wonder if Greg wants one painted on his oil shed I could see it from the house  hummmmm got me thinkin now!!!!!!!!!!! We didn't buy the truck that day but he called him later and  you guessed it we are going back. On the way home that day Greg said "I wonder how many blood clots I've got" ha ha he's not a long haul trucker kind of guy!!!
This is a Happy Birthday to Sue apron!! She liked it and she'll wear it. I wonder what I should have her cook up for me??????????
 Pumpkin report.... this one isn't to big but it is real orange.
 These next few are big, but doesn't really show it in the picture.
 They sure have been fun to watch grow.
Fall is coming just hope it stays a long time.....JMF


Beth said...

I love your post. The shot of the barn is great, and a reminder of country life. I love your playlist as well.

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

The pumpkins look great. Wish I had a place to grow wonderful fresh things such as your pumpkins. We used to have several acres and could do that but not where we live now. Have a nice week!! Shannon