Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blog hop winner and card.

I joined a Handmade card swap and this is the card. Notice I used some fabric from the pillow for the blog hop last week that Sallie from Texas won!! I never got an email so I must not have won anything darn-it:) I'm glad the pillow went to Texas it seemed fitting.
Back to the card I'm not really a card/scrapbook person I want to be but wanting and being are 2 different things...I can admit it:) alittle iron on fabric and glued on buttons, and that's my card. I went to Chantelle in Alabama. I will be getting one from her.
 Coming next Tue 12 posts about the stuff I couldn't put on til after Christmas......to be continued....JMF

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Karin said...

Congratulations to Sallie and your card is really cute! I like to make cards, but for some odd reason, there never seems to be enough time. :) Merry Christmas to you!