Saturday, December 31, 2011

John's quilt...............

 This quilt is back to front!
 I used the same cow fabric for the  back of John and Lucas quilts so had to add left over fabric from the front to each of them.
 Here's the front.This is John's quilt he is our cow man, and our 3rd grandson.  He has helped with the cows, checking at calving, writing tags, feeding bottle calves. Oh and riding bottle calves, but that didn't end so well..... broken arm! More times than I want to count either John or Lucas are left with us while the other one goes to the emergency room casts and stitches later they still go to fast and furious for this Grandma. I think I have worn out the words BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!
 John loves to read, play piano, dogs and puppies, ride horses, his bike, hunt, and anything to do with livestock.
We love you Johnny and are so proud of you. What a wonderful boy you are:).................JMF

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Dirt Road Quilter said...

Ok, this is my favorite! I love that panel and the backing fabric and the way you added those great blocks to the panel...wonderful! Sorry to hear about the broken arm, but you know he'll be telling that story for years! Ours rode the bottle calves too. When I think back, I'm not quite sure how we escaped broken bones during their childhood.