Friday, December 2, 2011

Birds, Butterball, cows, bingo and food!!!!

 We are getting quite a herd of bluejays!! Fun to watch.
That's our Johnny and Butterball or B dog for short the 4H show calf. We were so proud of them at the Feeder Calf show last Fri. They got 2nd in the 4H and the open class. This is John's first year and he is so lucky to get such a tame calf maybe we will have to start calling him the calf whisperer:)
 Our quilt guild Christmas party last night.  We played quilt bingo, and went for blackout.
 First we had potluck supper very very good.
 We used candy to mark our cards! It was kind of mean tho cus we had just stuffed ourselves at supper so we couldn't make ourselves eat the candy. I only needed one more to get blackout  but the gal across the table from me got it first.
 We had to "pay" for our bingo cards with a fat quarter for 1 card. The winner got to pick out half of them!!!!!!!!!!
 Still moving cows around. The longer they can eat cornstalks and covercrop the better.
 The fall calves and cows came up to the fence when the other cows came by but soon got bored and moved on.
A few cows came towards us and I couldn't get them all stopped but these are going the right way. I didn't get in to much trouble I just heard "Get the car up to the corner COME ON!!!!!!!!! so I did:)
All's well that ends well.................JMF


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Great photos - thanks for sharing!

Coley said...

haha, I know the stress of moving cattle!

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Happy Monday