Sunday, November 20, 2011

Squirrels, snow and wreath.......

 The squirrels are back and the snow:( I'll take squirrels over snow any day! I kind of doubt that choice will ever be available but if it is I will have a quick answer!!!!
 They are fun to watch.
 I see all these cute wreaths on different blogs so I tried my hand at one. Not so sure about it, but it will do till I get a Christmas one to take it's place.
 I got the stand at R&R ( our local drug store) it didn't cost much and is pretty neat!
Not the best pictures of the flowers the little horse tile is off a necklace. It was on sale and an impulse buy what can I say?
watch those impulse buys...................JMF you never know what you can use them for:)


Lina - Fancy Frugal Life said...

Hi! You won the Pick Your Plum Giveaway!!! :)

Please email me your shipping address to

Congrats & thanks!
Lina @ Fancy Frugal Life

Karin said...

I like your wreath...and your stand. I've been contemplating a similar wreath using burlap and twill. I love your addition of the horse charm - very cute. I'm playing around with making different flowers. I saw some I liked, but don't want to pay $15.

dr momi said...

The squirrels are so cute eating their corn by the dump truck full! :-)