Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pillow for Kordell's 1st communion

 So this was my project Sat afternoon. I wanted to make this pillow for our grandson Kordell for his 1st communion on Sunday. I figured out which piece of the imitation leather I would use, and how to embellish it.
 Come upstaires and google cross to find a pattern for the cross I wanted to put on it, print it out and cut out the brown imitation leather.

The blue and brown piece was left over from another pillow, good thing I hang on to all those bits and pieces!
 We interrupt this pillow making to watch the corner while the guys herd cows to new feeding grounds.
 almost there......
They made it around the corner but took a left instead of a right good thing it was into an open field so the guys could get around them. One more pasture of cows and then back to the pillow. John and Lucas were with me so we took snacks to munch on while we waited for the cows.

 The back of the pillow.
3 big buttons on the blue strip and it's done. I got the saying from another blog as a free printable I am going to have to start writing the names of the blog with the picture sorry can't remember. Love those free printables..........
We had a nice day with Kordell and family. They have such a friendly church and a very nice pastor. If only it was closer:( Greg was snoring in bed within 15 minutes of walking in the door. He needs to sleep longer in the morning like me:)
Kordell if you are reading this we love you like crazy and Dane, Johnny, Rachel, Ellie, Lucas and Regan..............JMF


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Just LOVE the name Kordell! Good strong name! lovely pillow too - is that real cow hide on the back too - extra cool! Love it!

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Oh, this is my favorite! I LOVE those lyrics and your pillow is the perfect way to showcase it! I'll have to search for that printable. I love that backing too. I've seen it and should have picked it up because I remember it being incredibly soft. I can relate to your kind of interuptions too! LOL.