Thursday, February 16, 2012

The fun has ended:)

 This was in Bellagio everything was so pretty.
 It had several high end stores of course Paula and I got alot of new things. ( If you believe that I have lake side plots for sale too!)
 The flowers in the conservatory were beautiful.
 Lots of dragons

 Flower Children:)

 Now that's alot of flowers not to mention the time it would take to cover the children.

 Fremont street zip lines.
 The flight home.
 When we were coming into the Rapid City airport this is what I saw out the window..........Where's the landing strip? It was kind of scary but the airport is out of town a ways so it looks like you are going to land in a field til you are almost there.

This is what we saw when we got closer to home lots of frost. It was melted not long after we got home.
So that was our winter adventure we had lots of fun, laughs, beautiful sights, food, and have memories to last til next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to real life.........JMF

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