Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Grand Canyon.

 This is on the way to the canyon lots of rocks and desert. Not like good ole South Dakota!!
 This was a big bird maybe a big crow?
 Here she is the Grand Canyon. I'm sure it's a she cus of it's Beauty:)

 Way down there was some water. The Colorado River runs through the canyon. If you saw the move  Into the Wild I think that was the river he went down to Mexico on.The pictures don't come close to how big, deep and awesome it is.

 Guess who?

 These are the best pictures of me well maybe could have been a little farther away! I can't smile on demand, and my eyes are either squinted or shut, so I like this picture!!

 This was a lodge. Maybe we will stay there someday.
 The mail for the town of Supai is carried by a mule train it takes 3 hours to make the 8 mile trip to get the mail to the bottom of the canyon. Supia is on the Havasupai Indian Reservation. You can only get there by foot, mule or helicopter. Who wants to ride a mule down with me someday?????

This is a view off the bridge at the Hoover Dam from the bus as we drove over it. When we came back it was dark and the Dam was all lit up.
More of Vegas to come.........JMF

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