Sunday, February 19, 2012

Skull, fabric and bibs.

 This was our 13 year old buffalo bull. We sold him to a meat packer last year, and just got the skull back. The picture doesn't show how big it really is! The horns are huge and heavy, and that's just the horn caps. The dark part of the horn slip right off. Not sure where is will hang. Greg said maybe the basement but he never goes down there,so that's not a good idea.
 Some of the fabric I bought in Rapid City. We went to Pearl Louise's quilt shop, that was awesome:)   We also went to Fabric City that's a nice shop too.
 It's a panel I will show you later what I do with it.
 Still making the bibs. They are fun to make and don't take to long.
 I just can't seem to stop!

 I hope my cold is better this week I am sick of sounding like (as Greg says) a coon dog with a coon treed     not funny when I am doing the barking I mean coughing. I would like to get some other sewing done. I have one that needs quilting so far it's laying over the frame near the sewing machine, but I don't think it will quilt itself.
I can't believe it I am running out of cute little girl western fabric for bibs!!!!!


Kelli said...

Adorable western bibs!! :o) Love them. xo

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Cool skull! It looks pretty good propped up next to the fireplace if you can't find a place to hang it. hope you find some more western fabric because running low is a scary thought. LOL. I love them all and the fringe is a cute embellishment!