Monday, March 5, 2012

Sue's Vegas cup:)

This is Sue's cup and mine is yellow! I like to buy coffee cups or dish towels when we go someplace. It just makes me think of where I got them every time I use them. I love my pink cup from Glacier Nat. park, and my dish towel from Texas. So that's why I bought myself a cup, but.............. I had a more sinister reason for buying Sues!! I told her to drink her coffee from that cup every morning to bug her husband! I know I'm mean that way. Well she wants to go to Vegas and he doesn't so it serves him right..........right??? I still have hope she will get there someday:) Now I just hope he doesn't break her cup.LOL Just kidding Mike! There's plenty of places that I want to go to that Greg doesn't it's just part of life.
Vegas, Vegas, Vegas I'm trying Sue, on second thought don't let Mike read this post you will never get there..............JMF

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Saska said...

cute cup. Never thought of getting dish towels. I hate to collect stuff I have to dust.

The buffalo in the backyard is a hoot. I wouldn't go greet him, but he seems to be happy out wondering around.