Friday, March 2, 2012

Birds, buffalo, tractor and hunter.

 This was an impulse buy!! But I love it, but the mantel didn't...The picture looks great but in real life you could hardly see the birds. I bought it at Rafferty Robbins so many cute things there!!
 This pic isn't so good but you can see the birds and flowers better here. I have to admit Deb was right and I should have gotten the other one!! next time I will listen. I still love this one even tho Greg did not care for it. I finally said it is the only girly thing in the house it's staying!
 Mr Buffalo was out again. he just wonders around which isn't good. Thankfully we don't have much traffic past our house.
 So the chase was on. He is now in the feed lot with the 1 and 2 year olds. He seems to be happy and has stayed in
 What is that in the tree? His name is John!! Just doing  alittle hunting in the back yard. To bad Grandma won't let him shoot at my wildlife.
 Greg and his new to him tractor.
Lucas loves my music cards, so he lined them up for a picture. We sing along to them, but he won't do the chicken dance with me!
 I'll have to venture out past the mailbox and get some pictures of the baby calves maybe tomorrow!
until next time............JMF

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Jan-Maree said...

Just love mr buffalo though can't imagine having one in my backyard. Guess it's better than a bear though!