Friday, March 9, 2012

Cattle mineral bag into a grocery tote.

 Finally put my winter/Christmas flowers away and spring has sprung! At least in the house.
 Where to hang this guy? It's heavy so we don't want it to fall on someone! I might have an idea....I'll post it if it is to Greg's liking:)
 Carrie and I stopped in Dells at the quilt shop on our way to Sioux Falls. Didn't have near enough time to spend all my money, but did get a few things LOL

So here's my newest project. A grocery bag made out of a plastic  mineral sack.
I have 2 more almost done just needs the handles. Six more sacks in the garage!
mail's here gotta go.................JMF


Jan-Maree said...

I love that bag! I have seen them done out of dog food bags but yours is great!

Carrie said...

Mom- I hope one of those bags is mine!

Dirt Road Quilter said...

I love this!!Can I ask you what pattern you used and did you use something other than regular sewing thread and what needle did you use? Tutorial? Please? Do I sound like a 5 yr old yet? I love this idea and have a profusion of sacks available although ours aren't nearly as cute. :)