Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh the wildlife I see, and crayon aprons.

 We saw our first robin on Friday.
 Still feeding the squirrels
 Today we saw this red bird. First one I have ever seen here. I need a new camera!! I am saving all my Amazon points. Hope to pay for half of it that way, but until then.........
 Hundreds and hundreds of geese flying so fun to hear and see them.
 This is on Greg new tractor he got. Why would you need to drive a tractor 30 miles per hour????? It reminded me of the time I was driving the tractor and a big load of hay home for my dad. My brother Leslie was with me, standing by me because there was no cab. I got going way to fast down a hill and ended up in the ditch. We were both so lucky we didn't get hurt we were both still on the tractor when dad come running up to us. I think that's why I don't like to drive a tractor.

 Enough of the tractor:)
 These are bald eagles again to far for my camera:( They were in the trees north east of the barn.

 Here's a new project little girls crayon aprons.

They were fun to make!
Set your clock ahead...........JMF


Kelli said...

What sweet crayon aprons!! Love the photos, too.:o)

Stitchwhiz said...

Lucky you to see eagles like that on your farm. And I also love the flying geese. Is that one of your favorite quilt patterns?