Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I have been doing...............

Jan wanted some bags for her sisters. Hope they like them.

 Sue's MIL gave me the dog food bags. I need to make her a bag out of one of them.
 Then I had an order for 2 aprons. I love this one I hope she does too.
 cowgirls and Indian princess'

 I've made one like this before, that one went to Denver for a silent auction. I heard it brought $50.00!!

 These pictures are about 3 weeks old of the garden.
 The pumpkins are alot bigger and getting orange. John and Lucas wrote their names on there's with a nail. They are scaring over nice and growing with the pumpkin.

 The cucumbers are nuts. We can't eat them fast enough. Lucas' chickens have gotten some they like them too.
If you are driving by stop you can have all you want:)
time to think about dinner..................... I wonder how far Coach's Corner delivers???????????JMF


Dirt Road Quilter said...

Welcome home! My garden would have dried up and blown away while I was on a trip. As it is, it just hobbled along this year. Just too hot and dry and all the watering in the world will not convince it otherwise until it rains. More great bags and aprons - your aprons are too cute to use.

Amy said...

I love the aprons! and the bags, I have heard of women making them.. yours are real nice.. I should try my hand at some cat food bags, thanks for the inspiration