Saturday, June 15, 2013

He's back! Who's'll see.................

 You can set up the corral and working chute anywhere!
 caught one
 I believe that is John's cow J4.
 This apron started out as half of the idea I had to use the top  of a western shirt for the bib part of the apron. When I sewed it on it looked stupid:)
 So on to plan b. It has 3 pockets in the front I had the pink across the bottom of the pocket, and that looked stupid too. What a time I had making this one.

 A few pictures from last Sunday when we went to the  Fort Sisseton Days.

 Fire in the hole!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Gatlin gun demo.
 Ear plugs please.
2 different kinds of cannons. We had a fun day with John, Lucas, Kordell, Dane and Ellie. Kordell and Kari were in the Melodrama. It was so good and the boys had a blast booing and throwing popcorn at the villian. We cheered for the hero in the white cowboy hat, and of course there was a happy ending.............
He's back.................... I was sitting on the deck and out came the woodchuck. He just stayed long enough for 3 pictures.

 Iris I got from Charlene a few years ago.

 Still feeding the finches. Looks like it's getting alittle low on seed.

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