Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas Sewing...

 I made a smaller version of Carrie's purse for our granddaughter Ellie for her birthday.

 I found those cute Grandma love you tags out in Rapid City last winter.
 Three table runners for Carrie.
 This fabric was a fat quarter bundle I bought off of Zulily.

 You can't see them to good but there are cows in the bigger squares.

 This is a little foot stool I made to go with Ellie's bean bag chair.
 A little pouch to hold all her money in her new purse:)
 Last of the table runners. Christmas fabric and fake leather strips, fast and easy.
We a quiet Christmas but a fun New Years Day with all the kids and grand kids. I guess it's back to the real world now....JMF

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