Monday, June 20, 2016

Purse, Pillow and Plants................................

 I'm finally getting all the pillows made to go with the quilts I made the grandkids in 2011! This is Lucas' pillow and above is his or Johnny's quilt they both have the same center panel.
 I added batting to the panel piece and quilted it, the back is envelope style so you can remove the pillow for washing.
 They are all done now just waiting for each one's birthday to give them:)
 Sarah wanted a new purse for summer so I tried out this pattern it's hard to see but has 2 pleats in it.
 Used the last of the book fabric for the lining. It turned out to small for her billfold so back to the drawing board! I just might keep this one for myself haven't decided yet.
 Caught this butterfly on the game cam! I'm going to put it in the back yard and see what lurks around after dark.
 Most of my flowers are coming right along in spite of the heat and little to no rain. I water them everyday it seems.

 Easter lilies from the church they come back every year.
 We interrupt the flower show for the second new and larger purse:) I used some of my buffalo fabric for the lining of this one.
 I think this one will be just right. Now I just have to stop myself from making more:)
 My spiderweb hen and chicks are spreading like crazy and blooming. Little tiny flowers.
 I think I need some kind of  ground cover it make it look more attractive:)

 This is a new  one this year and it's name has chocolate in it but can't remember all of it.
 The bigger spiderweb chick.
 My old hen and chicks are huge this year, and red tips on the leaves. I think more than other years.
Maybe because he's watching over the plants they are doing better:) ............JMF


Judy said...

Beautiful post. Great items. I've always loved western fabrics. We once lived in a log home and we bought antler lights. I have them saved in our garage. I can't part with them just yet even though we rent. That butterfly is a great picture. Love your plants also. We live in the mountains where deer eat anything so I have roses on my deck. Thanks for sharing all these great pictures.

Chloe said...

Hi Julie!
I love the quilt and pillows for Lucas. I also like the purse you made For Sarah. Your hen and chicks are amazing. They must love all the sun. My tomatoes are really growing. My peppers are a bit sunburned. I watered yesterday and the look better today. I love your blog!