Monday, July 25, 2016

Button button button who's got the button???

 I finished the puzzle!! It's been finished for a week or so. Now I have to get some puzzle glue so I can put it in my sewing room. It is still on the table under the table topper:)
 I pulled some simple panels out and got them quilted and ready for the baby cradle at church.
 Every year at Christmas I try and donate a quilt or 2 so some little baby has a quilt to keep them warm.
Sue and I stopped at the mall in Watertown they have a kindof flea market store and I got this big jar of buttons for $12.00!!!...................JMF


Sara said...

That button jar sure brings back some memories. I loved playing in my mother's button jar as a kid.

Cute puzzle. It's going to look great in your sewing room.

Ranch Wife said...

Fun puzzle! You make really cute quilts with those panels. I have a few that I need to dig out and turn into quilts. I have a button box and the kids loved digging and sorting through it when they were little. I have a hard time bypassing jars of buttons too.