Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lunch at the Birdfeeder and more.....................

 Carrie wanted a new summer purse so I made one!!!
 Using up some of the miles of ribbon and trim I have on the strap of the purse.
 I Love my hydrangea:)
 It was hot and muggy yesterday, but Sue and I bravely ventured out to  Twin Brooks to eat at the Bridfeeder!! We weren't there long and the train went by.
 Her theme this month is Caribbean the soup was a carrot ginger and was it good.
 The raspberry green tea is the best.
 I didn't get a picture of our people suet bites below is the ingredients. They were good I should try and make some. The woodpecker is her bird of the year.

 I ordered the Caribbean sandwich and Sue had the Chicken salad so we shared and had one of each. Both were very good. Homemade chips and pineapple coleslaw and fresh fruit.
 White chocolate covered cherry and an eatable flower:)

 The crowning touch was the dessert sampler.  Brownie, coconut, icecream, caramel, chocolate, piece of heaven!!! Raspberry breadpudding and coconut cream pie...........oh with coffee!
 My favorite.
 Out in the yard they made a good and fun use of a tree stump.
 Twin Brooks and the Birdfeeder is about 30 minutes northeast of Watertown.
 We made a small circle around the street and spotted these gunslingers outside of the only other business we could see.
 If you liked Beer it was a good day for one yesterday:)
 These rock pillars are on each side of the building right next to the Birdfeeder.

 This is across the street someone  has done a lot of deer hunting over the years.
Even the doghouse has some antlers:)..................................JMF


Sara said...

Looks like a fun little road trip. I haven't been anywhere further than Sioux Falls so far this summer, but that needs to change. Time for some road tripping for me too.

Chloe said...

You have told me about this place. We need to check this out and meet our friends from Watertown. Do you need reservations?
Thanks for sharing!