Wednesday, July 6, 2016

New baby, flowers and pillows.........................

 My hydrangea is blooming this year I think last year it was on strike.
 Ranch work is never done:) cutting hay, baling and hauling bales home is a never ending thing this time of year. It's a good thing:)
 Fueling and cleaning the oats was rusty that he was cutting for hay.
 My Easter lilies are in full bloom. Nice big flowers.
 We have hummingbirds and orioles that come feed a few times a day. It's always fun to see them.
 This is a puzzle Paula gave me for my birthday! I think it is either good for my brain or it will drive me crazy the pieces are not shaped like most puzzle pieces. Lucas thought it is a strange puzzle:) I'm sure when I get it done I will be a lot smarter than I am now!!! LOL
 I'm not sure if I will glue it together right away or give it back and make her put it together first...LOL
 Lookie here whats new at our place. I thought I was the first one to spot it, but no Sarah saw it the day it was born and we didn't see it for 3 days. Greg even checked them out to see if any were going to have calves and didn't see the little guy.

 She needs to lose more of her winter hair.

 Miss Lily.
 I finished 3 more pillows. They will be donated in Sept.
 Steer erasers.

 Just need 2 pillow to put in these. I think 8 pillows is enough for awhile.

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Ranch Wife said...

It looks like you have a lot of wonderful things blooming at your place - winter feed, pretty flowers, sweet babies, and neat pillows - should be enough to keep you out of trouble. :)