Sunday, July 3, 2016

Class Reunion and pillow

 We went to my class reunion 45 years!!!!!!!!!!! It sure doesn't seem like it could be that long ago.

That's me in the pink pants:)

 It was fun to visit with old friends. We always say we'll keep in touch but never seem to follow through maybe this will be the year. This is a about 1/3 of our class I think we had 69 in the class of 1971
 This is Kordell's pillow to with his quilt from 2011.
Happy 4th........................JMF


Sara said...

What fun to attend your class reunion. My class hasn't had a reunion since #20, which was 24 years ago. But there are about a dozen of us women who try to get together once a year. I really enjoyed it last year but may not be able to go this year. We'll see.

Ranch Wife said...

I don't know - your class looks like trouble and I'll bet you were the leader of the pack! LOL. Looks like ya'll had a good turn out.
Your pillows are a neat addition to the grandkids' quilts!