Saturday, October 1, 2016

Old west roundup................

 When I took these pictures of the roundup of the cattle it made me think of the westerns I grew up watching:)

 Until the guy on the 4wheeler came over the hill:)
 Those horns are taller than the corral.

 These don't belong to us we just rent the pasture they live in:)

 I came across this fabric in my stash and thought it would make a perfect pillow to donate.
Fall is in the air so I pulled this out and hung it up hopefully I'll get a few more fall decorations  out.
 I used up what was left of the purse fabric.

 and the back sides of some jeans for pockets.
Have a safe harvest and weaning calves................JMF

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Ranch Wife said...

LOL...It's a modern twist. Different method....same result. :) Our cattle would go running for the hills if they saw the crew mounted on 4-wheelers. I have a co-worker and they have about 30 hd that they gather on 4-wheelers.