Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bunnies and cardboard buffalo...

So Greg set the game cam on the steps of the deck and here's the bunny! At least he didn't get in the wagon. Greg said he put a little corn around there. Oh and my smors bars I made.....don't ask for the  recipe the bunny wouldn't even eat them.
Man you scared me!!!!!!! "I'm 10 pounds overweight you could have gave me a heart attack Chet"..........What movie is that line from.
And the regulars they are like the guys that go to town for coffee everyday!! haha
The cardboard buffalo he's a pattern for a cut out Greg wants to do to add to his sign. I said don't wreck it I might use it for a quilt.
   Had a good day in Sioux Falls with Carrie yesterday. Except for the ride home.. SNOW that's all I say. Nice lunch at the Wild Sage Grille. Layer cake with raspberry and butter cream frosting. We heard butter cream and said SOLD we  were good and shared. Between just washed blue jeans and a sore lower back and a big front I can hardly bend over to tie my shoes!! I must get on the treadmill.... tomorrow American Idol starts tonight.
stay warm   JMF

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