Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's still winter and other things.

Can't get enough of the blue jays! The frosty branches were so pretty too.
I got this aloe plant in Texas in 2007. It was very small then I never guessed it would get this big. I took some of the off shoots to the fall bazaar at church last fall I wonder if they will get as big.
I quilted this panel for Carrie it is part of her birthday present but she will be getting it early. The colors are not showing good in this picture. It's really cute and it was on sale on equilter.   Which was a very good reason to buy more fabric!!!! they have all kinds of fabric.
try to get a hold on your bad habits (equilter)....JMF
PS had a fun visit with Nancy today hadn't seen her for a very very long time.

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