Monday, January 17, 2011

I want green grass!!!

Even tho I'm not a fan of mowing it doesn't sound to bad right now. That's the buffalo in the background. I want to get out and get some pictures of them. Greg said the other day the big bull had snow on his head it would have been a neat picture. I have pictures of them in the summer but no winter ones.
Does anyone know what bird would make this nest? It is very small and is made out of hair like cattle or dog maybe. The eggs were blue with little dark spots. I have found 3 or 4 of these nests over the last couple of years. There are always on the ground when I find them tho.
Greg made me this bench. He used wheels that were my dads and the cedar from our trees. I like it and I think he enjoyed making it.
Going to Sioux Falls with Carrie tomorrow unless the weather stops us. Lunch out and a little shopping. I need some quilting thread I found more stuff to quilt (big surprise) oh well I'm sure there are worse things I could do.
read  a book......JMF

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