Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Food and Snow

The snow made such a nice top to the deck rail.
If you like snow. I don't mind just not the cold, but the snow can make things look so pretty.
On the bottom of the rails it looks like ric rac. Who would I be to wreck it with a shovel!!!
Now to food.
We really like parsnips I peel them cut them up in slices the long way. Boil til partly tender, drain, coat with flour and fry in butter til crisp.
They are so sweet I couldn't stop eating them right out of the pan.
Now Greg wants date ball cookies so I said go ahead and make them. I cut up the dates he cooked and now we are waiting for it to cool to add the rice krispies and coconut. I think he wants a fat wife no a fatter wife!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to have him hide them from me.... I think!!!
life is good   JMF

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