Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Moon and cows

I took this picture last night will have to try and remember to get more pictures as the nights go by of the full moon.I love it when it is a big orange ball in the night sky.
 This  is a cover crop that was planted after the winter wheat was harvested. I guess it is a mixture of sunflowers, soybeans, a grain and radishes. It's not ours but we just checked out!!!
 That's a radish!!
There is about that much under the ground too. I don't know all the facts about it but I guess it is good for your ground. Or they wouldn't do it!!!!!Dah!!!!!
 I was out with Greg this morning bringing creep feeders home before we wean calves, and took a few pictures. He's almost as big as his momma!!
 The calves look so good. I don't know how some groups can say we don't take care of our animals. As a rancher we have to take good care of them or we wouldn't make a living at it. We have raised all kinds of animals, cows,pigs,sheep,dogs, and geese at one time or another. I can tell you it is way easier to keep them healthy then to treat sickness. Besides it making me sick to my stomach to see a pen of sick calves, it's a whole lot of work to take care of sick animals, not to mention the cost. I know their are bad apples in every group but don't lump us all together....I'm done thanks for reading:)
 The cows love it when Greg cleans out the creep feeders it's their version  of candy!!
Black and white makes a good calf:)................JMF


Cherry Red Quilter said...

great photos - people who day you dont care about your animals are just ignorant! We know better!

Karin said...

Your calves do look great! Fat and sassy! And scootch over so I can step up on that soap box with you. Cattle are priority number 1 around here. My 40 yr old carpet is proof of that. LOL!