Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pictures and a few words.

 I took my camera the other day when I went for a walk here are some the pictures I took.

 This was Sept 27th the leaves are changing fast. I love this time of year....until the wind blows and all the leaves are gone to soon.

 The guys hauled old tires from the dump site in town. It looks like we have enough now!!
 These pictures are from Sept 30th.  Boy the dust is something else they worked the fall calves today.
 Now they can go back to the pasture.
 Alittle more color than a few days ago.

 I didn't walk with this little critter just next to the prints they left. There was a coyote picture on the game cam tho but these weren't big enough prints to be his.

 Bell waiting for me. She has been visiting the last couple of days. So far she has chewed a pumpkin and some squash I set out for decorations. Bad girl but she is so sweet I can't be mad at her!! She went home to Johnny last night, so she probably won't be back for a few days.
 Someone didn't dust out his combine when he put it away last year!!!!!!!!!!!!
ooooooohhhhhhhh aren't they cute  13 babies and she's doing an excellent job raising them.
Life is so good..........JMF

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