Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween and some other stuff........

Last week I stopped in High Maintenance and found this plate. I think it's neat and for a couple of bucks (no pun intended!!)it's really neat!! It is now part of my fall decorating it will be dear season soon so he fits right in.

That same day some of us gals met for lunch at Higher Grounds for Mary's birthday that's her hand in the picture:) When I took her picture she said "that better not be on your blog" no one trusts me with a camera anymore!! The picture of her is a good one tho I really don't think she would have cared maybe I'll put it on facebook.............................just kidding.

We put some corn out and these guys are back. I'm waiting for the blue jays I saw them one day, but the squirrels must be the boss for now.

Happy Halloween this next picture is a scary one so be prepared. I'll give you a little time to get ready.

EEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!! I can now say I'm either the favorite grandma or the worst mother-in-law after this one... We were at our church fall festival so John, Lucas and I went out to the games I love a good cake walk!!! Lucas won and this is the cake John and I "helped" him pick out!! Really it's not a real rat, of course you knew that but we put the lid back on real tight just in case .... The dumb part is that I am deathly afraid of mice and rats (did I mention their mother is too) but seeing Lucas carrying that cake around showing it to anyone that would look was priceless. He was the lucky one he won $27 on the pull tab game.  We sure had fun. We'll see if I am allowed to take the boys to the cake walk unattended next year!!!That make me think did you ever read the book Who Moved my Cheese by Spencer Johnson,MD? It's a good one.
 I almost forgot Sat was another girls day out we went to Mitchell to the Holiday Extravaganza  lost of fun booths. What could be better friends, sister, niece and her daughter, shopping and good food.
happy trick or treating............JMF

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Dirt Road Quilter said...

That plate looks wonderful amongst your mantle decorations and I'm laughing at that cake! The things you will do for your grandchildren!