Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Aprons and game cam.

 His and Hers aprons. I took them into High Maintenance today a long with some bibs made from pheasant feather fabric. Hope they sell!!
 Can you see the tail in the grass???
 Say cheese:)
 I think he's had his picture taken more than once. I just wish once when I check the pictures there would be a monster buck!!!!!!
Those raccoons are leaving the corn field, I wonder where they are going now??
 Tonight the game cam is in the granary  pointed at the top of the pallet of dog food. Everyday one of the bags has a hole in it we think it's a cat we should know tomorrow. It will be revealed to the world ( maybe not the world just a few people that read this ok mostly family!!) in the next post!!
to be continued...........JMF

1 comment:

Cherry Red Quilter said...

oh man i would love a game cam - then i could see who is setting off the motion sentitive lights at night (I suspect cat or possum) who is nibbling my lemon tree and using my apple tree as a swing - not to mention who is using the roof of my sewing room as a landing spot when they jump ot of next door's tree!!! Good luck with the dog biscuit theif!