Sunday, September 25, 2011

Books, coat, and bibs...

I posted about a new book awhile back  Levi's Lost Calf, so here is the author Amanda Radke! I am a member of the SD Cattleman's Auxiliary and we sponsored 3 book signing for Amanda. We had a fun 2 days!! She sold books and we gave books and beef sticks away!!
Here is Little Red from the book. Isn't he cute and he's so soft and cuddly! The gals at   made him.
It's getting cooler so I thought I needed a jacket on my dress in the basement!
It was a gift from the same aunt as the dress Norma my moms sister. It is a felt jacket I have no idea where she got it. I sure wish I would have asked my ancestors more questions!!

I'll just say more bibs!!! The girls think I need a internet intervention maybe a bib one is in order too.....LOL  JMF

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