Friday, September 9, 2011

Working Calves.

It's already time to vaccinate the calves, and bring the bulls home. Wow where did the summer go.
They aren't so sure they should go up the alleyway. Kindof like us when we took our babies to the Dr for their shots. Now they have 2 nurses giving shots at the same time poor babies. It sure beats having them get a life threatening illness. That's why we vaccinate our calves too. With fall comes hot days and cool nights a great way for calves to get sick, if we can prevent that it's easier on everyone.
Like us the moms watch to make sure their babies are returned to them.

The grandsons got a little excited moving them through the tub. So I told them you need to watch the Temple Grandin movie again. She is a leader in safe humane cattle handling. The movie is very good. She advocates being as quiet as possible  while moving, and working cattle. The boys were just so happy to be helping they had  a few extra yells as they moved the calves down the chutes!
They worked over 100 so that was a good day considering they had to move everything to 4 different pastures. At it again today. I made tatertot hot dish, but they might eat in Carthage. Supper will be easy warmed up tatertot hotdish!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep safe during fall duties!.....JMf

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Teresa said...

Beautiful calves! I love that first shot.