Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall decorations and new book.

I found this weed and thought it was cool! Greg says it's wild onion.
I just like it!
 I didn't think my chicken showed up very good here so I moved him. I love that fall wallhanging.

Now he's standing above the wall hanging. Chicken with a horse picture in the background that's something you won't see everyday!!
 Some cute ideas in this book , but I have to finish cleaning the basement before I do anymore sewing. You heard it here so I better git-r-done!!
Greg's not a cowboy so I won't have to make everything in this book. a couple of things sound good like Buttermilk Pound Cake topped with Coconut Dessert Salsa, or Applesauce Caramel Cake.
Now I'm hungry........JMF

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Dirt Road Quilter said...

I would have picked that wild onion too! I know someone who keeps bowls of onions around the house to keep them from getting sick so you should stay healthy! LOL! Is that a real boot? By the time ours are retired, they don't look so nice. I adore your rooster and at my house he would be keeping company with a horse too. I have a rooster in my kitchen that I adore. Bought him for a gift and could not part with him. That cookbook looks like a winner! Hope your done cleaning. Time to sew!