Friday, September 9, 2011

Bib and quilt in progress.

I found the pattern for this bib on a blog sorry I'll have to try and find it again so I can give her credit. It's so cute little arm holes and ties in the back! Now I have something cute to make and donate for the church  bazaars. I have two more cute out for sure I'll have to make a western one!
I added a felt flower to jazz it up even more! The pink isn't just right but all I had. It's on my list when I get some where   Felt.
I'm quilting this in between everything be revealed much later!!


Heidi said...

Very cute bib! I've been meaning to make one too. Here's the link for the tutorial:

Caren said...

Very cute. I'm thinking Craftiness is not optional as well. I'm visiting from your post on the Link Party. I like the bib!

Brave Brooke said...

I need some more bibs for my sweet baby! She is a big drooler and it seems I never have enough! Good luck with the quilt!