Sunday, September 18, 2011

Silage, Pumpkins, Family and Apron

A view from the top............of the silage pile! I rode the 4wheeler up kindof fun!!

 The cutters came late on Tues and finished Fri afternoon.

Here's the finished product.
 Another view from the top.
 Last one!
 Now to cover up the pile.
 Tarp then the old tires to hold it down and dirt on the bottom.

3 tarps later, and it's still not all covered. Greg will start feeding off that end, but not for a few months we hope. So there ends another silage cutting at the Feldhaus'
 The frost the other night curled the leaves in the punkin patch!! Plus I quit watering them.
Bright orange!!!!!!!!
We celebrated Greg's moms birthday Sun. I won't publish her age cuz she's kindof a bionic woman she has 2 new hips, 1 new knee and a repaired shoulder so she could kick my you know what if I tell!!!!!!!!!! Not really she should be proud she doesn't look or act her age!!and I mean that in a good way. anyway I'm the short one in the front with the purple and white T shirt.
Not much on the sewing front just this simple little girl's apron.
that's all folks........JMF

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Dirt Road Quilter said...

Looks like tossing all those tires would be quite a workout! Hope y'all won't need to dig into taht silage for a while either. Can't believe y'all already have a frost! We've only had about a week of fall and I hope it's a long while before frost.After our insanely hot, dry summer, we finally had 2" of rain and can use all the growing season we can get. That apron is too cute!