Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Johnny and Lucas' Chicken Farm

Isn't he handsome!

 I love his bright feathers!
 We had chickens growing up but they were all plain white and, boring and had to gather eggs, wash eggs (you get the picture  work) not like these  I can just take pictures and, admire them then go home!!!!!!!!!!!!

 She laid an egg.
King of the hill.
 He's pretty cute and manly looking too.
what a life like statue of a chicken!! maybe it's a yard ornament  she thinks she's such a smart chicky, that rooster has her figured out "she thinks she's better than the rest of us"....oh my I think  it's time for grandma to go home!!!
 2 hens brought their babies along
The 3rd rooster. I thought 3s a crowd oh well I think there are enough hens to go around!! I hope I'm buying eggs soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JMF

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